About Us

A Little About Us

The word Umoja means Unity in Swahili. 

Hi there! Welcome to Umoja Production, your favorite Afrocentric Brands.
We are a passionate and forward-thinking fashion brand determined to bring you unique and high-quality products inspired by Africa. Through our e-commerce platform, we are building a strong collective of African inspired creatives to share the continent’s diverse culture, art and style through a variety of ethically made pieces.
We are determined to encourage and witness the global rise of African fashion. Together, let us normalize African print and make it inclusive to all!

  Where It All Began  

Umoja Production was founded in 2017 by two Afro-Irish entrepreneurs; China Soribe and Liswa McDonald, and became an all-round exciting project whose purpose has evolved greatly over-time.
As full-time students in the National University of Galway, Ireland at the time, the original focus of the brand was to make sales, online as well as physically at markets and events, for our first designers; Blaqq Production and ALVINA, whom we’d known personally. 
Through hard-work and perseverance, the business blossomed into what it is today and continues to grow. we came to the realization that the designers we were helping were not the only ones that we could offer this assistance to. We found a gap in the market and proceeded to build a bridge! With extensive research and exceptional support from our customers (who are always enthusiastic to share their favorite designers with us) we’ve found numerous hard-working creators who provide high quality products.
At Umoja Production, we are honored to share this piece of Africa with you, through their art.

Founders of Umoja Production. Liswa(Left), China(Right).
Liswa (Left), China (Right) 

  United We Rise  
We have come a long way from selling t-shirts in college hallways, and we owe it all to you our amazing community. We will forever strive to offer you nothing short of the best African fashion shopping experience.
Please acknowledge that despite our best efforts to achieve perfection, sometimes mistakes will be made. We ask for your understanding and patience when this happens.
We also ask for your help, suggestions or advice about any area of Umoja Production’s business model in which you see potential for improvement.
We are always at your disposal, feel free to reach out and contact us via info@umojaproduction.com. We would love to hear from you. Your support has brought us this far.